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We care about the environment

For us it is important that the products and services that we offer, offers long durability.
We know the importance in good working conditions for the people that manufacture our products and we choose transportation to minimize the negative effect on the environment.
This way we can contribute to a positive community development.

We make a difference

We have a close cooperation with one of Swedens leading partnets regarding climate compensation – Zero Mission. With their analyses of how our transports implicates the environment, we can compensate the carbon dioxide emission.
Zero Mission has a cooperation with the certification organ Plan Vivo. Plan Vivo has a project in India, Khasi Hills RDD+ i Meghalaya, which we give our active support.
The purpose with this project is to lower the decreasing of forests that in the next step increases carbon dioxide and has influence on greenhouse heating.

Join us!

We want to offer you as our customer, the possibility to be a part of this and contribute to a durable development. You will have the possibility to climate compensate your purchase which, together with us, will give double compensation. Just let us know and we will arrange.
If you have other ideas regarding environment cooperation please contact us for a discussion.