About Håbeco Protection

Our history

HÅBECO Protection has been a producer and developer of safes since the 1950´s and our brand is well known in the industry. We started out as a local small business and has grown to sell our products in many parts of Europe.

Our knowledge and understanding enable us to help and give advice to insurance companies, trade companies and governments. We provide both standard solutions and customized solutions to our customers.

An international partner

We handle deliveries and installations from small safes to large strong rooms in Europe.

We have a network of service points that can help quickly if needed.


Is a safe always safe?

Not always safe, we would say. There are alot of things that can differ between different types of safe. There are standards that determine what a safe actually withstands in terms of breakin- and fire protection.

So if you are unsure what type of product to chose from when you want to protect our goods you are welcome to contact us for advice!

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